Knit Golf Club Head Covers

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Spirit of Colors LLC and the game of Golf have a unique opportunity. We give you something that cannot be found readily that is expressly made for you to honor your accomplishments. Every golfer deserves attractive knitted golf club head covers to protect their clubs. See what our customers say about us. Have questions? Visit our FAQs.

Our golf club head covers are 100% Made in America!

We perform double duty by representing your affiliations, or team pride with schools, university, business, corporate events or organizations. We do this with "factor" that carries the tradition and integrity of the sport you can be proud of. If you own a golf course, check out our golf course logo!

Buy knit golf club head covers NOW!

Spirit of Colors will contribute to Cancer research for each Pink & White set of Head covers sold.

We make them a basic two colors as available. Driver 1 wood (fits 400cc/460cc), Fairway wood 3, 5 & X are hybreds. We can also upgrade the one wood with initials for an additional charge. With purchases of case lots we have quantity discounts. Please contact with request.

Expenditures are closely watched during these economic times our closest competitors are priced much higher for less.

Protection for your clubs with timeless style for a time honored tradition, Spirit of Colors!


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